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We aim to become a comprehensive fine-chemical partner.
From procurement by ourselves to development and manufacturing
through us, we will make best use of our wide-ranging domestic and overseas network to achieve this goal.





We not only provide varying products
but also offer sales support to our

The unique fine chemicals we handle have been highly appraised in the domestic and overseas pharmaceutical and agrochemical, electronic material and resin additive fields. We respond to our customers' needs by not only selling the products, but also using various intermediate chemicals and abundant know-how about them, and utilizing our worldwide collaborative network. We also utilize the network created though the sales of products to assist the domestic and overseas sales of our clients' products.

From joint R&D to test production and custom@manufacturing we assist our clients projects as a manufacturer of fine chemicals.
The Chuo Kaseihin provides not only services as a trading company, but also services as a manufacturer such as joint R&D, test production and custom manufacturing through its affiliated manufacturers. Regarding joint R&D, test production and custom manufacturing, we pledge to provide our clients with fine chemicals, produced under strict quality control, on a timely basis after tying a secrecy agreement.