Chuo Kaseihin Group offers services ranging from production to distribution
of chemical products through affiliated manufacturers specializing in unique materials
and that have relevant production processing technologies.

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Fine Chemicals Business

We take advantage of "information", "technologies", "materials", and "networks" to promptly provide a variety of solutions, including support for procurement of raw materials and research and development, contract manufacturing, and distribution of fine chemicals.

Services we offer

  • ファインケミカルの販売
    Distribution of fine chemicals
  • ファインケミカルの輸入原料の調達
    Procurement of fine chemical materials from abroad
  • ファインケミカルの受託生産
    Contract production of fine chemicals
  • ファインケミカルの共同研究・開発・試作
    Joint research and development and test production of fine chemicals
Phosgenation reactions
Our Unique Technology

Phosgenation reactions

We receive orders to carry out custom synthesis of chemicals derived from phosgene, which is difficult to manage on a small-lot production basis. Four sets of reaction vessels (400, 2,000, 4,000, and 6,000 liter capacity) are capable of handling phosgenation.


Our Strengths


Utilizing our own distribution networks

We sell fine chemicals as well as support customers with distribution of their products at home and overseas through our collaboration networks established over the years in various fields such as pharmaceuticals, food additives, agrichemical raw materials, raw materials for resins (e.g., urethanes), additives, electronic materials. We can respond to overseas production requests according to customer needs.


Offering a reliable supply of imported materials of excellent quality at reasonable prices.

We procure quality low-cost raw materials through many distribution channels from East Asian countries (China, Taiwan, Korea, etc.), India, Europe, and the United States. We have many years of experience in importing raw materials from China through Shanghai CK International Trade, one of our subsidiaries.


Dealing with development and production using our specialized technologies and facilities

We provide custom synthesis through our factory, which is one of the few factories that are capable of handling phosgenation. With our organic synthesis technologies and production know-how backed up with years of experience, we resolve customers' issues quickly. With our GMP-compliant quality management system, we offer stable quality. The outsourcing part of manufacturing processes helps you start a business and reduce capital investment.


Support small- to high-volume production

We have versatile production facilities, including reaction vessels (400 to 10,000 liter capacity), as well as thin-film evaporators and rectifiers, to respond to various customer requests - from small- to high-volume production. We share information about development that is useful for customers, including being present at manufacturing of prototypes and providing operation data. Measures against information leakage are strictly enforced.

Flow of joint development

  • 1Contact by potential partner
  • 2Meeting
  • 3Confidentiality agreement
  • 4Disclosure of data
  • 5Investigation and planning
  • 6Testing and experiments
  • 7Contract manufacturing agreement
  • 8Small volume trial
  • 9Production trial
  • 10Production and shipment

Principal products


Phosgene Derivative Products
/List of Products

Here are some specific examples of our products we offer by utilizing our phosgene-related technology. We also have the ability to carry out custom synthesis of compounds not shown in the list.


Manufacturing Bases

Factories and Facility

Factories and Facility

Multipurpose manufacturing facilities for synthesis of fine chemicals - we provide rapid and flexible services involving synthesis of fine chemicals on a scale from grams to tons to suit your requirements.